Photo Contract

Official Photo Day Online Contract

It is very important that this information is submitted 3-4 weeks prior to your photo day.

SUGGESTION: Print a blank copy of this form, gather your information and then fill out the form online to ensure you have all the information before submitting it.

Contract Terms & Conditions

What is your photography account representative's name?

What is your league/school name? (This name will appear exactly as you type it on any photo products that include league/school name.)

Region of South Carolina

What is the event we will be photographing? If there is more than one event, you will need to fill out separate forms.)

What is your rebate option (select one)

OFFICIAL DIGITAL SIGNATURE - Type your full name below

By submitting your signature and the online form both Tumbleston Photography and your organzition acknowledge and accept the terms provided in the Official League Proposal presented by Tumbleston Photography.

Additional Agreement Notes, requests or ammendments

Contact Information

Photo Coordinator (This is the name of the person who we will work with directly in arranging your photo day.)

Physical Street Address: (This is the address used for UPS delivery, not for the location of photo day. UPS will not ship to a P.O. Box

Cell Phone

Office/Home Phone

Best time to contact you

Email address

Photo Day Information

How many boys/girls are registered in your league/school?

How many groups/teams are registered in your league/school?

How would you like us to send the order forms for photo day?

How many order forms do you need for your league/school?

If you need these forms bundled into groups, how many groups do you need?

How many forms are needed per group?

What date would you like to reserve for your photo day?

You can request up to 3 dates. All dates are available on a first come first serve basis. You will receive confirmation from our office on what date is accepted for your photo day based on availability.

Will your shoot be indoors or outdoors?

What is the name of the complex, building, or facility we will be at on photo day?

What is the physical address of the location we will be at on photo day?
Please make sure the address can be found on google maps

What time would you prefer us to start taking pictures?
Our office will call you to assist you on how to format your schedule to ensure a proper flow on photo day

Will someone be at the photo day location on the day of the shoot to assist us on where to setup?

If you answered 'yes' above, who will be at the photo day location?
We will need to setup 1 hour before the first person is scheduled to arrive

What is the phone number of the person who will be at the photo day location?

What is their email address?

Will we have access to power outlets at the photo day location?
We can run extension cords up to 200 feet from our setup

What style of background would you like for your individual photos?

If you selected 'other' for your background, please explain

How many individuals will be in the largest group photo scheduled on photo day?

What are the age ranges of the individuals to be photographed?

Select your contract length

Please include any additional notes or instructions regarding photo day here.